Salus Floradix Mit Elsen with Iron 500ml

Salus Floradix Mit Elsen with Iron 500ml

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You feel tired and tired Iron deficiency is often the cause. Especially women suffer from it (pregnant and breastfeeding). Floradix herbal blood iron tonic (500 ml) is a natural medicine that can meet the increased iron needs in the body and refills the iron store. In this tonic natural herbal extracts are included, which make it easier to digest your stomach. The trace element iron is responsible for forming red blood cells as well as hemoglobin. This supports the transport of oxygen in the blood as well as the immune system and cell division.

Herbal blood Floradix for the prevention of iron deficiency, for increased iron requirements
Vegetable special tonic with organically bound iron, fruit juices and medicinal herbs

Fresh blood and new strength!
Millions of people lack hematopoietic iron. If the organism is to produce its full performance, it needs sufficient iron. Since the body itself does not produce iron, a sufficient supply of this vital element is required.

Especially indicated is herbal Floradix in the following situations:

Paleness and fatigue - often caused by iron deficiency
As our food usually does not contain sufficient amounts of iron, deficiency symptoms can easily occur, which can result in fatigue, reduced performance, lack of endurance, headaches, numbness of hands and feet, rough skin, pale appearance, nail ridges and brittle hair. In order to replenish the body's iron depot properly, a cure with a good iron preparation such as Floradix with iron should be taken from time to time.

Particularly vulnerable: Women and girls
Almost every second girl and every second woman today have too little iron in their blood. The reasons for this are menstrual bleeding, pregnancy and breastfeeding periods, which reduce the existing iron depot.

Schoolchildren and adolescents need a lot of iron
During growth age, a lot of iron is needed to build up blood pigment and the growth of body cells.

Diet cures
Here too, Floradix with iron has proven its worth as a natural supplement to the iron requirements of diet foods.

Vitality in old
age In people in the second half of life, the normal absorption of iron through the intestine can be reduced. It often makes you feel listless and tired.

Adults and adolescents from 10 years old: 3 x 15 ml per day

Children from 6 to 10 years: 2 x 15 ml (30 ml Floradix with iron corresponds to 24.5 mg iron (II)). Ingested chilled half an hour before a meal.

Do not store above 25 ¡ã C


To avoid the risk of possible iron overdose, special care should be taken when using dietary or other iron salt supplements. For pre-existing inflammations or ulcers of the gastrointestinal mucosa, the benefits of the treatment should be carefully weighed against the risk of aggravation of gastrointestinal disease.

100 ml (corresponding to about 109 g) of liquid contain as active ingredient: 703.3-773.9 mg of iron (II) gluconate (Ph. Eur.) Corresponding to 81.75 mg of iron (II) ions. Excipients: ascorbic acid, aqueous extract (1: 28,2) from a mixture of hibiscus flowers, bitter fennel, carrot, reticulum, yarrow, angelica root, horsetail, ribwort leaves, juniper berries, chicory root, bitter orange peel (3: 2,3: 2,3 : 2.3: 2.3: 1.15: 1.15: 1.15: 1.15: 1: 0.64) - water, yeast autolysate, grape juice concentrate red, cherry juice concentrate, pear juice concentrate, Blackberry juice concentrate, Blackcurrant juice concentrate, Honey, Rosehip thick extract, Fructose syrup 70%, Orange flavor, Orange flavor, Water.

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