About Us

The start of aBetterDay is initially to supply neighbours and friends personal care and health product with a fair price. Because the owner worked for over 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry in New Zealand, she believes that it should not be so hard and costly for pursuit of personal well-being and betterness. 

Now aBetterDay is a small home business based in Auckland, New Zealand. It runs as a part time job for the owners. It doesn't have much overhead for running and hunger for profit. That is why aBetterDay can consistently provide competitive price for its offerings.

While more and more people found and shopped with aBetterDay, Owners are actively seeking the supply resource, and the range of products has been rapidly expanded.

Products will be soon available as long as they can make our life and living better and brighter, and they can be sourced in a reasonable cost. Thanks to people (buyers, suppliers and friends) who generously trust and support us along the way aBetterDay grown.